We are able to offer two types of service to clients, depending on their preference.

Fully Advised

For clients who are seeking a complete financial planning service on an advised basis with ongoing reviews, this being our full service, we are able to offer an initial meeting and review without cost or commitment. This review would enable us to prepare an initial summary of the advice we would propose together with a detailed breakdown of the proposed services and costs involved.

Thereafter, our ongoing services are designed to keep plans under review and to adapt and respond to changes to ensure they remain relevant and appropriate.

Whilst we are able to work on a time charged basis, the majority of clients prefer us to work on a percentage basis with our fees being met by way of charges deducted from the investments.

Initial advice and implementation: the percentage charge will vary depending on the amount to be invested and will typically be up to a maximum of 3%.

Ongoing relationship: again this will vary depending on the amounts involved and individual circumstances and will typically be up to a maximum of 1% per year.

Non-Advised or Transactional

We recognise that some clients prefer to deal with matters directly themselves and for them we are able to provide a non-advised solution via our web-link and for providing this facility we have no initial or set up fees with the only charge being a platform fee of 0.3% pa of the amount invested. This is calculated on a daily basis and is paid directly from the investments at the end of each month.

For clients who start down the non-advised route who then find themselves needing some input and assistance, help is available with any associated cost being identified before any commitment is made by the client.

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