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Richard Alexander Financial Planning Limited is entered on the FCA register under reference 817090.
Richard Alexander Financial Planning Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA does not regulate taxation advice.

The guidance and/or advice contained within this website are subject to the UK regulatory regime and the European, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and is targeted at consumers based in the UK and other European Union countries.


Becoming tax resident in another country will create some new investment opportunities but some others which were advantageous in the UK will be lost.

If possible, the financial planning process should ideally start before leaving the UK as then you can be sure of maximising any options available.
In the longer term, as an expat, it is important to know that your investments are compatible with your new country of residence, that they are tax efficient and that they will provide the returns you need from them.

The combination of our experience at RAFP and the network of Legal and Tax advisers that we work with, ensures that our clients receive the best possible advice at outset and throughout a continuing relationship.
Security The UK has an Ombudsman service and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, funded by the industry, to afford protection when things go wrong. Outside the UK, levels of security vary greatly and part of our role at RAFP is to ensure clients benefit from the best investor protection available to them.
Regulation  Not all overseas advisers are regulated or even licensed! RAFP are fully authorised, regulated and licensed to provide advice in the UK and post Brexit, we have a strategic alliance enabling advice throughout all EU and EEA countries.
Simplicity We believe investment solutions should be straightforward and easy to understand. Over complication and complexity can be both confusing and unnecessarily expensive – at RAFP we like to keep it simple.
Cost effective and transparent charges With the introduction of new EU regulations in January 2018, all charges should be transparent, fully disclosed to clients in advance and represent value for money. These are the standards RAFP have employed from day one, both in the UK and for overseas clients.
Flexibilty Circumstances change; sometimes changes are planned in advance or may happen without notice. Whatever the reason, financial planning with RAFP ensures flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes, whenever and whatever the cause.
Tax Efficiency Tax regimes vary from country to country and have a habit of changing too. Structuring financial plans tax efficiently is at the heart of the advice from RAFP at oustet and throughout the ongoing relationship.
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